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Running of the Village

23 sept. 2016 · 1 minute de lecture

One Village is made up of 10 to 15 houses, that will each cater to about ten children around their SOS Mother (Dalat Children's Village - Hue Children's Village - Dong Hoi Children's Village).

The training personnel consists in one  director, one accountant secretary, several aunts helping the mothers, one educator and one gardener.

Mothers recruiting is performed locally by the Vietnam SOS Villages association. Mothers are carefully selected depending upon their educative skills, their psychological balance and, their heart quality as well. Mothers do follow a six months theoretical and practical training. Thus, they are able to devote their time to the children and take care of them every day.

One future is being revealed to them : Children under the care of the SOS mothers are a few months up to about twenty years old. They follow the normal academic curriculum in the

House in the children's Village of Hue

House in the children's Village of Hue

schools nearby. A few of these schools have been set up by the International Federation of SOS Children Villages.

As teenagers, they may follow a professional or university education. They get advices and support from the Village, time for them to start a professional life.