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Hue Children's Village

09 mar. 2010 · 5 minutes de lecture

Thuy Xuan Children's Village and Professional Training Center in Hue

Aid to the Children of Vietnam (ACVN) is taking care of both a children's Village and a professional bakery training center on Thuy Xuan site, in Hue. (Movie on the Village / Village's pictures).

Thuy Xuan Children's Village, Hue

Thuy Xuan children's joy, Hue

Village birth:

A social public place for Hue street's childrens was existing at 108 Chi Lang street, downtown. Getting closer to these children, ACVN was touched and decided to bring an urgent financial support. In 1996, this help made possible the installation of showers and lavatories, the rain water evacuation system renovation and the construction of a second small building (40m2) for laundry drying. Until then, laundry was drying above the beds in the dormitories.

Nevertheless, the timeworn premises and the lack of space urge ACVN to think about other solutions. Then, ACVN association proposes to build a place to wellcome the children and to offer a professional training center.

In septembre 1998, a piece of land is given by Hue city, at Thuy Xuan. It is much bigger than the one at 108 Chi Lang street. Not only may ACVN build new houses, but also think about setting up professional training center for the teenagers.

Funds to finance part of the project are obtained from the European Union in decembre 1999. The first three houses are built, the children move in, wellcomed by three mothers for the start of the new school year 2000.

From 2001 to 2002, in partnership with the European Union and the Vallet foundation, two new houses for 30 teenagers, one common house and the director's house are added to Thuy Xuan Village. The opening ceremony takes place on septembre 3rd, 2001. The Village is organized on the model of SOS Villages.

Today, 5 mothers take care of 30 children and about twenty teenagers.

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Village's Children

Village's Children

A favourable environment for children studies and opening up :

Thuy Xuan Village, in the suburbs of Hue, is, as for the SOS Village of Dalat, a peace haven. A large meadow includes two ponds that cover themselves, as from the month of may, with lotus and water lily flowers. Children use the ponds as well to practice fishing of very small fishes!

Children and teenagers go to schools nearby. A few of them follow a  professional or university education in Hue or in other vietnamese towns. In april 2006, the first Thuy Xuan teenager started a professional life working in catering. She also got married.

An orchard and a vegetable garden have been created in order to introduce the children to manual works, current practice in vietnamese families. Thus, banana, papaya and mango trees, bindweeds, tomatos and zucchinis…, make possible the children initiation to manual works, under the attentive watch of the gardener, and bring a little more in the meals preparation.

Thuy Xuan, a french-vietnamese collaboration in the service of the children :

French and Vietnamese volunteers bring their support to the children, for different periods of time, through the setting up of educational projects or activities.

For three years, Françoise and Albert Goffaux, a couple of volunteers, have helped with the management and the functionning of the bakery school and Thuy Xuan Village development: Teenagers' and director's houses building site follow up, setting up of the vegetable garden and activites with the children as well.

Since august 2003, every two years, a volunteer works within the vietnamese team, and coordinates the Village projects with France.

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Bakery school

Bakery school

French bakery/pastries professional training:

During the summer 1997, ACVN entrusts Thomas Behaghel and Jean-Christophe Vallat, HEC students, with the task of a market study about the setting up in Hue of a French bakery/pastries professional training.

The study outcome is positive. No such training do exist in Hue, tourism is developping and vietnamese are very fond of baguette that they usually eat as sandwich.

Thomas and Jean-Christophe organise the school opening in octobre 1999 at 108 Chi Lang street.

Its goal: Offer to young vietnamese with difficulties a free quality training so that they can find their way and take part in the development of their country. SOS Children's Villages' and Thuy Xuan Village's teenagers may apply.

The school is managed by french volunteers, with the help of an interpreter and a bilingual vietnamese manager.

The training takes two years and more than 25 students got their diploma already and work in famous hotels or restaurants all over Vietnam.

In septembre 2005, a page was turned in the history of the french bakery school.

The school moves in Thuy Xuan Village in two new buildings, one for bakery-pastry training, and the other one being the apprentices' house. Thus, starting in march 2006, pastry training is launched, allowing the apprentices to broaden their initiation.

French volunteers in France and Vietnam take care of managing the training program of the bakers to be.